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Tile Roof in Miami

This white Spanish-S concrete tile roof in South Miami looks great! The old roof was torn off down to the deck,  all rotten wood replaced and the deck re-nailed to Code. We dried in with 30 lb. felt, tin-capped it to Code and installed 16” 26 gauge galvanized valley metal and drip-edge flashing. As usual, we upgraded – free – the edge flashing to factory white. It costs us about $50 extra to provide this upgrade which gives the finished roof an immediate “pop” and spares the owner the chore of painting or hiring a painter.

Tile Roof Underlayment

Tile roof underlayment application in Miami by Roofer Mike Inc
Tile roof underlayment application i

Boral TileSeal tile roof underlayment was then installed according to Miami-Dade NOA specs which includes back-nailing 12″oc and rolling with a 120 lb. roller. We spend a little more on the underlayment compared to what is popularly used by other roofing companies in Miami and feel it is worth the expense – it is simply tougher.


Tile Roofs – It’s All in the Details!

Tile roof valley construction in Miami by Roofer Mike Inc
Tile roof valley construction detail

I suggested  Boral concrete barrel tile in white and the client agreed. The old roof was a 9” flat tile and I thought a high profile barrel tile would give the home a classic look as well as some more dimension, texture. The choice of a white tile should shock no one who has been paying attention as I will always recommend its superior reflectivity which enhances energy efficiency. A white tile will also extend the life of the underlayment and, as a neutral color, goes with almost any home’s color scheme. I know, I know – what about cleaning that white tile roof, Mike? Nano cleaners are getting better all the time. Just Spray n’ Forget, google it, but don’t wait till the roof is filthy or you’ll be spraying twice.

This house had gutters all the way around and we managed to save them without taking them down. We also removed what seemed like a ton of wet, decomposed leaves which was a real chore in itself.  All in all this concrete tile roof job was fairly straight-forward, other than the gutter rescue, and the customer was well pleased. He was especially happy with his choice of the white barrel tile. Funny, I thought that was my idea. Oh, well . . .



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