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Timberline Shingle Roof in Miami Springs

GAF Timberline Shingle Roof in Miami, Fl
Dimensional shingle roof in Miami with ridge vents

This GAF Timberline HD dimensional shingle roof in Miami Springs turned out well and it was not without its challenges. This split-level home was originally covered with a 9” flat concrete tile roof. We replaced and painted the fascia all around so, logistically, it was just a lot of work. Most roofers in Miami use spruce for fascia repairs because it is cheap, easy to cut and easy to nail. We don’t like it because it’s soft and termites love it.  The good folks at Shell Lumber have red cedar at a very good price and that is our lumber of choice for fascia board replacements. Insects in general don’t like cedar and it is also water resistant.

Chimney Repair and Cricket

Chimney Rebuild on roof in Miami

We ripped two layers of the old wall flashings out from around the chimney and started from scratch. Note the “cricket” installation which is mandatory by code for chimneys over thirty inches wide. The “cricket” allows water to more easily flow around the chimney.  I flashed this one myself because, well,  I am “The Chimney Whisperer”.  I installed all new 5″x 7″ galvanized metal wall flashings and coated them with an asphalt primer for better adhesion to the underlayment. The stucco-stop was back-sealed with Vulchem, fastened to the wall with 11/4″ drive pins and finished with two coats of stucco. We completely rebuild the chimney flashings on all of our roof replacements.

White Shingle Roof With Ventilation – Smart

All in all, another good job with some nice metal work. Again, I managed to convince the client to go with white shingles which, along with the Lomanco LOR-30 ridge vents, ensured that they were not losing out on energy efficiency after switching from tile to a shingle roof. The home already had a continuous soffit vent for a sufficient intake component. The ridge vents provided a perfect outflow, (hot air rises!), to complete the ventilation system.

GAF Timberline Dimensional Shingle Roof in Miami


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