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Clay tile roof repair in Miami Lakes

Clay Tile Roof Repair in Miami Lakes

“Roofer Mike” takes us to Miami Lakes for a clay tile roof repair involving the total reconstruction of a twenty foot valley.

This clay tile roof repair in Miami Lakes  involved rebuilding the entire valley as it had multiple leaks showing in the home’s interior. There was some rotten plywood at the bottom and middle of the valley which was replaced along with minor truss repairs. The entire area was dried in with 30 lb felt and all new flashings were installed. The leak at the bottom was caused by a missing piece of flashing.

 Roof Repair In Miami Lakes
All is primed and ready for the tile roof underlayment

New valley metal was then set in roof cement at the nail line. Unsealed nails were part of the problem in the middle.  All metal flashings and surrounding existing underlayment were coated with primer for good adhesion. We have been using Tarco PS200 ht tile roof underlayment after checking out the various brands available. It’s a bit more expensive than most but the extra toughness is well worth the cost. After installing the tile underlayment it’s simply a matter of replacing the clay tile.Tile roof repair in Miami Lakes We have a great tile crew that comes in to finish these clay tile roof repairs and they simply do a better job aesthetically than most roofers. It’s what they do. The hard part for me is finding roof tiles in the salvage yards that match.

Our Workmanship Warranty

This job is typical of the work Roofer Mike Inc does on a regular basis in South Florida. Once we determine the existing roof is in good enough condition to withstand the stress of the repair we describe the repair in detail to the owner and explain our workmanship warranty. Our warranty is a sentence near the bottom of every contract, not a full page of fine print “legalese“. It simply states the roof is warrantied against workmanship defect. If the roof leaks in the repair area during the warranty period and it is our fault, we fix it – free of charge.

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