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Metal Roofs with Four Flat Roofs

Metal roofs don’t get much more complicated than this in the middle of Miami Dade with four attached flat roofs. Roofer Mike breaks it down with an emphasis on the more important aspects of metal roofing.

These metal roofs in Miami Springs had it all, including four attached flat roofs, six valleys, chimney, cricket, six vertical walls and a scupper replacement with back-up. There was a concrete flat roof addition built across the front of the house. This structure was not included in the scope of work but created a logistical nightmare as far as accessibility.  We had to build a bridge just to bring materials, equipment and people in. Just as importantly, we needed a way out with the trash!

In a recent video I stated that the most important aspect of metal roofs was the importance of the manufacturer and installers. Who is producing the trim pieces and panels? Who is installing them?  Our installers are very experienced with  decades of metal roofing in Miami.

Galvalume Metal Roofs and Flat Roofs

The most important part of a metal roof installation overall is the treatment of the substrate – the wood decking. After the existing roof is torn off all rotten wood must naturally be replaced and re-nailed to Code. We don’t stop there. A metal roof is often chosen for its strength and wind resistance and is only as strong as the substrate supporting it.  More than any other system metal roofs reflect the decking. We do our best to eliminate any irregularities which can take away from the aesthetic. Once the deck is stable it is dried in with 30lb felt and a layer of Versashield, a fire-proofing product.

Flat Roofs One by One

Cricket on Metal Roof
Cricket with scupper and back-up scupper

Perhaps the most important aspect of this particular job was the integration of the four flat roofs. First we replaced all the flat roofs with a 1 ½” insulated GAF 3-ply Ruberoid low slope system. Care must be taken with the flashings so the metal crew can easily tie in later.  Ruberoid systems are simply better and, more importantly, more durable than the mineral surfaced cap sheet system commonly offered. It’s important to install a robust flat roof when tied into a metal roof system, potentially a lifetime roof. We also stress flat roof maintenance to the owner for the future, the goal being to have the flat roofs last just as long. This system gives them a head-start with an aluminum roof coating applied at completion to achieve a Class A fire rating.

Metal Roofs in Miami With Four Flat RoofsEach  roof presented challenges, particularly one surrounded by sloped roofs and vertical walls with a lone scupper for drainage. We replaced the existing 3” x 3”scupper with a 4” x 5” and cut the wall for a 4”x 5” back-up, per Code. Clogging will be much less of a problem.

Metal Roofs Installation

Once the flat roofs were complete the job became a matter of having the Englert 1101 metal roofs components delivered and installed which, in contrast to all the previous work, was fairly straightforward.  We can not say enough about East Coast Metals, our distributor of choice for many years. They simply have the finest facility in Miami-Dade County for the preparation, manufacture and delivery of components and panels.

One additional note – over the years I’ve noticed mill-grade roofs stay cleaner than those that are factory-painted.  Galvalume sheets consist of a galvanized roll that is run through a molten bath of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. It is the zinc that disrupts the PH of the panel surface and kills the fungus, algae, bacteria and mold spores. Roofs with painted panels seem to be staining very quickly. Whatever biocides are in the paint do not hold up against South Florida’s flora and fauna.



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