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Shingle Roofs in Miami…3-Tab vs Dimensional

The difference between 3-tabs and dimensional shingle roofs in Miami is broken down in detail. Roofer Mike makes a compelling case for homeowners wrestling with the choice.

Dimensional shingles v 3-tabs
Dimensional v 3-tabs

In Miami Dade tile roofs dominate and define the area with metal roofs coming on strong in the last decade. 3-tab shingles have an average life cycle of about twenty years in the face of the South Florida heat,  basically a budget alternative for Miami homeowners given that tile lasts 30-40 years and metal roofs are potentially a lifetime system.  However, dimensional roof shingles in Miami are a real option. With a little maintenance they can last 25 years or more.

GAF Timberline HD dimensional shingles in Miami
Dimensional Shingle Roof in Miami

Added thickness gives dimensional roof shingles a longer life cycle as well as greater wind resistance. Most 3-tabs are warranted to 60mph. GAF Timberline HD dimensional shingles, my personal preference, are covered up to 130mph. Considering they only cost a bit more and are more attractive, the decision is a no-brainer when given the choice.

GAF Timberline HD dimensional shingle roof in Keddall, FL. Installed by Roofer Mike Inc, roofing contractor in Miami
Dimensional Shingle Roof in Kendall, Fl

Dimensional Shingles – A Great Value

The owners of these homes considered the choice : 3-tab or dimensional . . . 70mph or 130mph . . . just OK or aesthetically attractive? 3-tabs cost us about $70/sq . . . Timberlines $90. Each roof was 2000 – 3000 square feet. So, the extra cost was $400-$600. That is a modest increase for roofs starting at $10,000. We do not mark up shingle options for labor or profit. For these jobs we added $20/sq. Cost, period. It really is a “no-brainer”, so it came as no surprise when all three chose the upgrade. Over the years that has almost always been the case with the exception of the occasional homeowner who is selling , “flippers” and landlords. I try not to work for the latter two, They want it cheap and right now, not a good combination for me, so we don’t do many 3-tabs.

Shingle roof in Kendall, Fl
GAF Timberline HDZ dimensional shingle roof in Kendall, Fl

People  usually think of metal roofs, tile roofs and shingle roofs as their three basic choices for sloped roof systems. Considering their superiority  over 3-tabs for only 20¢ a foot, a strong case can be made for dimensional roof shingles deserving of their own category.

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