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Roofing Miami homes since 1992, Mike was licensed CCC1327413 and incorporated as Roofer Mike Inc in 2006. We specialize in residential roof replacements, roof repair and maintenance. With decades of experience we listen and offer options  based on the client’s needs.

A dependable roof is the first line of defense against South Florida’s extreme weather. It’s an investment we protect by maintaining your roof as cost effectively as possible. Built on consistent quality and value, Roofer Mike Inc is a roofing company Miami homeowners trust. Check our Reviews!

Roof Repair & Maintenance

All systems will eventually require roof repair and maintenance. Roofer Mike Inc is a leak detection specialist and features maintenance applications such as elastomeric roof coatings. Unfortunately, when a roof is too old  for maintenance or repairs to be practical, it must be replaced.

Roof Replacement Options

The South Florida market is unique due to its tropical climate and features its own methods and range of roof systems. We can assist  in choosing the best roof replacement option and offer expert installations of metal roofs, concrete and clay tile roofs, shingle roofs and flat roofs.

Tile roof, metal roof and shingle roof in Miami

Why Roofer Mike?

A reputable roofing company doesn’t take shortcuts. We strictly adhere to the Florida Building Code, use only Miami Dade County approved materials and pull permits in accordance with local building departments. Roofer Mike offers one of the strongest warranty programs in the industry with confidence in our installations. Our roof repairs  outlast the existing system.

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Roof Repair or Replace?

We can be of help in deciding between a roof repair or reroof. Leaks at detail areas are usually workmanship issues and can be repaired. Improper installation of metal flashing is almost always the culprit but when the roof membrane itself begins to fail in open areas it’s an indication that a roof repair is no longer practical.

An owner’s individual circumstances also come into play.  How long they expect to stay in their home can influence the process.  A seller tends to take a different approach than someone staying in their home for the foreseeable future. When considering roof replacement options it’s a good idea to browse the websites of manufacturers and roofing contractors. Consider life cycle and warranty as much as aesthetics and pricing. Keep in mind that the best time to consider a skylight installation or solar panels is when replacing the roof.

Metal Roofs Rock Miami!

For decades metal roofs in Miami were not in the budget for most area residents. South Florida was dominated by tile roofs, which was a considerably cheaper option . However, the recent elimination of a link in the supply chain greatly reduced prices.  When factoring in expected life cycles, metal is very competitive with tile for value.

Mill-grade Galvalume metal roof in Miami
Metal Roof in Miami

Developed by Bethlehem Steel, Galvalume® is sheet steel coated with 45% zinc and 55% aluminum . Galvalume® standing-seam metal roofs are strong yet lightweight, energy efficient, fireproof, 100% recyclable and the most wind resistant system available in South Florida.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are the foundation of roofing in Miami and dominate the skyline for good reason. In addition to their attractiveness, tile offers a strong, durable, wind-resistant, fire-rated option for homeowners at a comparatively good value. South Florida , where every style available is represented, serves as an ideal brochure for browsing tile roofs.

Clay tile roof in Coral Gables
Verea Clay tile roof in Coral Gables

Most South Florida homes are designed for wind resistance with a low slope. This also allows water to filter through to the underlayment. In terms of performance  the underlayment is the most important choice to be made when designing a tile roof system. It is the primary waterproofing component.

Concrete Tile Roof in Miami
Concrete Tile Roof in Countrywalk

For many decades the 30-90 hot-mop system was the predominant tile roof underlayment. Miami roofers, including this one, wanted a more durable system. Along came today’s self-adhered, synthetic underlayment. After over 20 years on the market it has developed into the superior alternative to an old technology.

Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs dominate the United States but in South Florida, not as much. They’re not ideally suited for our subtropical climate BUT when incorporated into a system featuring well-designed attic ventilation they become a real option. In terms of value, they can compare favorably with the more expensive systems.

GAF Timberline HD dimensional shingle roof in Keddall, FL. Installed by Roofer Mike Inc, roofing contractor in Miami
Dimensional Shingle Roof in Kendall, Fl

Flat Roofs

The most technically challenging replacements are flat roofs. The aforementioned systems are rather straightforward, in comparison, with the execution of client preferences according to manufacturer’s specs and the Code. With flat, or low-slope, roofs we get into the wonderful world of design. Compatibility to connected systems, insulation configurations, drainage and durability are all considered in  design specifications. There are dozens of low-slope systems available but this market has generally settled on two types of BUR (Built-up Roof) – fiberglass and modified bitumen with commercial roofing single-ply TPO becoming increasingly popular.

Insulated flat roof in Miami Springs
Insulated flat roof in Miami Springs

Energy Efficient Roofing Trends

Today’s homeowners are more aware of the energy efficiency of their homes. Increasingly,  today’s roofing systems, materials and designs are incorporating Cool Roof concepts  like ventilation, insulation and reflectivity.

Roof coating application on flat roof with skylights in Miami
Roof coatings application with skylights in Miami

Service Area includes all of Miami Dade County including Miami, Miami Springs, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, North Miami, North Miami Beach, West Miami, South Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Kendall, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay and Homestead.

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