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Low Slope Roofing In Miami

Insulated Low-Slope Roofing In Miami

Flat Roof Tear-off In Miami SpringsInsulated low-slope roofing in Miami is a Roofer Mike specialty. This flat roof in Miami Springs was one of the bigger messes I’ve seen in all my years of roofing  – an old tar and gravel with a recovery board and another half-baked roof with patches bulled down to the deck and repairs done with ¼” plywood.

Insulated Low-Slope Roofing Step By Step

We had removed two rows of tile days earlier to make the tear-off easier and it was a good thing because this was a tough four squares to take off. Three sheets of plywood were used to get the deck into shape and then the whole thing was re-nailed to current code.

Nailing Plywood On Flat Roof In Miami

Nailers (2” x 6”PT) were installed at the perimeter to facilitate nailing the drip-edge. Then we simultaneously fastened the 11/2” composite boards and GAF #75 base-sheet with screws and plates – everybody gets a drill for that!

Now it’s just a matter of torching down a layer of GAF Ruberoid Torch Granule. I swear, I would still enjoy insulated low-slope roofing, especially torching, even after hitting the Lotto. Just got a new torch that’s more of a flamethrower but I’ve gained control of it and it really does do the job quicker. The rest of world, including most of the US, uses torch-down products a lot more than we do here, and there is a reason for that. It is a better product and also safer than hot tar applications in the hands of professionals. There is a shortage of pro roofers here because this state does not designate or offer testing for roofing journeyman as in other trades. Only the contractor himself is state certified.

Where Was I ? Oh yeah . . . Flat Roof

Insulated Flat roof In Miami SpringsThen we put back the tile (1 row) and painted the whole thing with Karnak 97 modified aluminum roof coating as required for a Class A fire rating. With 3” screws through 3” plates this roof isn’t going anywhere and delivers a great combination of energy efficiency and value.

by Michael Slattery (aka “Roofer Mike”)

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Insulated Ruberoid Low Slope Roof In Miami