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Low Slope Roofing In Miami

Insulated Low-Slope Roofing In Miami

Flat Roof Tear-off In Miami SpringsInsulated low-slope roofing in Miami is a Roofer Mike specialty. This flat roof in Miami Springs was one of the bigger messes I’ve seen in all my years of roofing  – an old tar and gravel with a recovery board and another half-baked roof with patches bulled down to the deck and repairs done with ¼” plywood.

Insulated Low-Slope Roofing Step By Step

We had removed two rows of tile days earlier to make the tear-off easier and it was a good thing because this was a tough four squares to take off. Three sheets of plywood were used to get the deck into shape and then the whole thing was re-nailed to current code.

Nailing Plywood On Flat Roof In Miami

Nailers (2” x 6”PT) were installed at the perimeter to facilitate nailing the drip-edge. Then we simultaneously fastened the 11/2” composite boards and GAF #75 base-sheet with screws and plates – everybody gets a drill for that!

Now it’s just a matter of torching down a layer of GAF Ruberoid Torch Granule. I swear, I would still enjoy insulated low-slope roofing, especially torching, even after hitting the Lotto. Just got a new torch that’s more of a flamethrower but I’ve gained control of it and it really does do the job quicker. The rest of world, including most of the US, uses torch-down products a lot more than we do here, and there is a reason for that. It is a better product and also safer than hot tar applications in the hands of professionals. There is a shortage of pro roofers here because this state does not designate or offer testing for roofing journeyman as in other trades. Only the contractor himself is state certified.

Where Was I ? Oh yeah . . . Flat Roof

Insulated Flat roof In Miami SpringsThen we put back the tile (1 row) and painted the whole flat roof with Karnak 97 modified aluminum roof coating as required for a Class A fire rating. With 3” screws through 3” plates this roof isn’t going anywhere and delivers a great combination of energy efficiency and value.

Insulated Ruberoid Low Slope Roof In Miami






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