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3 tab Shingle Roof In Miami

Shingle Roof in North Miami

These shingle roofs in North Miami, featuring GAF 25 Year Royal Sovereign 3-tab shingles with StainGuard protection, really look great. The homeowner wisely followed my advice concerning color choice. White shingles reflect the sun’s rays, increase energy efficiency, reduce wear on cooling systems and last longer than darker shingles. White Lomanco turbine ventilators were installed which, along with existing continuous soffit vents, also enhanced the home’s efficiency.

Flat Roof in Miami
Ruberoid Flat Roof

There was a small flat roof over the kitchen of the main house so we addressed that first. In keeping with our emphasis on energy efficiency we installed an insulated GAF Ruberoid low-slope system. It included 11/2 inches of Energy Guard composite board insulation and a layer of Ruberoid Torch Smooth with a Ruberoid Torch Granule cap. We then coated it with Karnak 97 aluminum roof coating to achieve a Class A fire rating according to UL specs. I like this feature as it gives the system some protection immediately in case the client does not heed our advice and adopt a timely maintenance regimen. This job involved a main house with a 1400 sq. ft. hip roof and a duplex in the back with a 1200 sq. ft. hip roof.

Shingle Roofs Can Be Efficient

These shingle roofs in North Miami were fairly straightforward with a little rotten wood and no fascia or soffit to worry about as it was all stucco. Since the shingles and turbines were white we included factory painted 3”x3” white drip-edge flashings to finish the look. We include factory painted metal on all of our roof replacements and why not? For a job this size it costs about $50 more for a nice aesthetic touch. In Miami the elements are tough on shingle roofs.  Utilizing Cool Roof concepts like reflectivity and ventilation make them a more efficient and durable option.

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by Michael Slattery


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3 thoughts on “Shingle Roof in North Miami”

  1. Shingle roofs can be cleaned. Check your local roof supply for professional grade cleaning solutions. I’ve had good results with a 50/50 chlorine and water mix sprayed liberally on the shingles and allowed to soak for about 5 minutes (do NOT allow to dry!!). Pressure-wash with moderate pressure, a wide tip and don’t get too close. I’m assuming you have some experience with a pressure-washer. If not, perhaps you should consult a pro.

  2. Hi There Michael Slattery,
    Thanks you for your post, I’ve changed some shingles near the edge and the difference in color is quite stark. Their must be some type of cleaner or pressure washing that can be done to get rid of this unsightley mess. I’m told it is the results of moss or lichens that grow on the north/northwest side that gets less sunlight.
    BTW great blogpost

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