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Complete Flat Roof Rehab in Miami Springs

Flat Roof With Roof Coating in Miami

Flat Roof After Cleaning
After Cleaning

This flat roof coating and repair in Miami Springs started with a phone call from a gal who had just had her tile roof cleaned. The fella’ who pressure-washed the roof (and did not seal it, but that’s for another post on tile roof cleaning and sealing) told her there were blisters on an adjoining flat roof over the Florida Room.

Flat Roof Repair in Miami Springs
After Fixing Blisters

So I had a look and there were a bunch of blisters up there, maybe fifty of ’em +/-. That’s a lot of blisters for a 600’sq. flat roof. That was the bad news. She and her lovely sister moaned that it was only 8 years old and, Lord they did not want to replace it already.  The key to this situation was the tile roof, which they said was done in ’91. To me, it would be a mini-disaster to have to replace the flat roof and tear into a tile roof that still has some years left, hopefully at least ten. The goal, then, should be to do the necessary repairs to the flat and apply an elastomeric roof coating to extend its life to that of the tile roof.

Complete Flat Roof Rehab in Miami Springs
Complete Flat Roof Rehab in Miami Springs

The good news was that I have never seen blister cause any problems unless it was near a seam. It was not necessary to fix every blister, only the ones near seams and the big ones in the field. The smaller ones will not get any bigger because they won’t get any hotter. The air inside the blister expands and contracts with outdoor temperatures. The application of a flat roof coating keeps the roof cool and therefor the blister cannot grow.

I know, I know. That roof was a slam-dunk for a replacement. Blisters are sales tools but Karma is a bugger. I look out for my customers and consider their overall situation, try to find solutions. I’ll get the tile roof cleaning and sealing job when it gets dirty again. Now those sisters love Roofer Mike and will be singing my praises at the  Miami Springs Women’s Club (Gold!).

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by Michael Slattery

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