Meet “Roofer Mike”

Before starting the best residential roofing company in Miami there were years of work for others. Needless to say, dues were paid. Here is a brief profile of Roofer Mike, owner of Roofer Mike Inc.

Roofing Miami Style - Michael SlatteryHello, I was born in Montclair, NJ, raised in Allentown, Pa, been in Florida since 1979 and South Florida since 1992.  Everyone in Miami calls me “Roofer Mike”. So, when I started my roofing company in 2006, Roofer Mike Inc seemed like a natural fit. I am a Florida Certified Roofing Contractor specializing in residential roofing, roof repair and maintenance. The company offers expert installations of shingle roofs, tile roofs, metal roofs, various flat roof systems and roof coating applications.  We started as a referral-based company in Miami Springs, FL and continue to thrive on the satisfaction of our clients which, after safety, is most important. This is reflected in where you can find us online: Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau.

Roofer Mike – Not a Roof Salesman

I am a roofer, not a salesman. My marketing and sales strategy has always been to be transparent and to inform. We approach clients without an agenda and lay out their options with as much information as they need to choose the best system for their situation. Different people in similar situations will make different decisions based on their own circumstances. One client may re-roof while another will choose a roof repair given the same problem. A homeowner who is selling may choose a less expensive option while another who plans to live in their home forever might choose a more robust system.

I  started with that philosophy and that’s why I am almost exclusively a residential roofing contractor. I enjoy  interacting and helping homeowners as opposed to commercial roofing which entails dealing with corporate entities and inherent greed factor. We do commercial roofs now and then and usually we have already worked on the owner’s home.

I’ll be posting periodically about recent projects and issues related to the Miami roofing market. I invite you to register (it’s easy!!)  make comments or ask questions. Thank you for your time.
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