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Roof Cleaning in Coconut Grove

Received this letter after a roof cleaning in Coconut Grove. His proposal’s Scope of Work: Clean tile roof and flat roofs. Make minor remedial repairs. Apply two (2) coats Somay Roof Mastic to flat roof.  Apply anti-bacterial treatment to tile roof.

I called Roofer Mike based on Angie’s List reviews and because he was one of the few in Miami that advertised roof cleaning and the application of Somay Roof Mastic to augment roof protection on the flat roof. As he is a working contractor, it was a bit difficult to reach him via phone or receive a return call if leaving a message due to a busy schedule, but Email proved to be the best bet.

It’s also worth noting that he’s busy because he has a lot of work, and he has a lot of work because he’s good at what he does. Mike is extremely knowledgeable in his work and the products involved in repairing, restoring and preserving as he has been in business for quite some time. When we first spoke about the job and what I wanted, he explained various ways to accomplish the job and how he would approach it – again, based on his experience, which was very evident. I was especially impressed by a high-tech move in a (let’s face it) basically straightforward, physically demanding job that I’ve never seen another roofer or contractor do: While we were on the phone speaking about the job, he asked for the address where the work was to be performed, brought up the property on Google Earth, asked details about the views he was looking at and was able to provide a price for the job since he approximated the roof’s dimensions just by the overhead images!Somay Roof Coating Application In Miami Fl

After engaging in the service contract, Mike kept in touch to tell me when the job would be started, what the next step(s) and dates to continue would be and what he found while on the roof. He even included the corresponding area of the large A/C ducts and tubing when he coated the flat roof with Somay just, as he explained, for the extra protection, aesthetics and more efficient AC system. After it was done he also emailed photographs showing the completed job. I would highly recommend Roofer Mike and would definitely use his services again.

Happy Customer in Coconut Grove, Miami

We sometimes see this  in the reviews we receive online – great on the roof, not so great in the office.  We’ll take that but are always trying to be better. As this customer said, Email is the best way to get things going. Just fill out the box.
Roof Cleaning Ihn coconut Grove, Miami
Tile Roof Cleaning in Coconut Grove

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