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Somay Elastomeric Roof Coatings In Miami

Somay Roof Coatings in Miami

This client in Miami, we’ll call her Lil, called me in September to clean her clay tile roof, had been to our site and wanted to do a Somay Roof Coatings application to her flat roofs. I said that I’d be happy to – after Christmas. You see, the rainy season in Miami is a hectic time for roofing contractors. We are way too busy dealing with customers with real problems to do maintenance work.  I collect leads like this, put them in my Winter File and after the holidays start working them. The dry season gets slow sometimes and these maintenance jobs help fill the schedule. It also works out for the customers as elastomeric roof coatings should not be applied when rain is expected. She was not being hounded by the city about cleaning the roof, was very understanding, and said there was no hurry.

Elastomeric Roof Coating Application In Miami, Fl

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Lil’s project was a bit unusual in that there was a “cricket” in the middle of her tile roof.  A cricket is a small flat area in the middle of a sloped roof which transfers water from one roof plane to another. There were also two flat roofs at the back of the house over indoor space. Like many homeowners she has been increasingly aware of the energy efficiency of her home and how it can be improved on the roof.

No type of roof benefits from maintenance as much as flat roofs. Shingle roofs, tile roofs, and metal roofs can be kept free of debris and cleaned but that is about all. After a few years flat roofs will develop algae growth and the resulting stains will give it an almost black appearance. The roof is now absorbing the sun’s rays rather than reflecting them, heating up the interior and speeding the aging  of the roof. An investment in a flat roof is money well spent. If 20% of the cost of the roof is spent on a good roof coating application within five years of the roof’s installation the roof’s life cycle will almost double. That’s math everyone can understand.

We cleaned the tile roof and flat roofs with a light pressure-wash and applied an algae and mold treatment to the tile. That comes with a two year warranty. Then the flat roofs and cricket were rolled with two coats of Somay Roof Mastic. Somay is a local manufacturer and produces a high quality product designed for the South Florida climate. We offer five year warranties on all elastomeric roof coating applications. This job turned out spectacularly well and Lil was well pleased.


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