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Metal roof in Miami

Metal Roof in Miami

This metal roof in Miami is of particular interest because it is located in the middle of a subdivision where ALL the roofs were concrete tile. The customer wanted a standing seam Galvalume roof and luckily there was no homeowners’ association (HOA) to say, “No!”

Englert 1300 Galvalume Metal Roof

I recommended a mill-grade finish, as usual, due it’s reflectivity and ability to stay clean. Mill-grade (bare metal) stays clean because the 55% aluminum/45% zinc coated steel disrupts the PH of the surface to the point that fungus, algae, mold, bacteria, etc. can’t grow.

This is an Englert 1300 mill-grade Galvalume 1.5” standing seam metal roof. It was somewhat of a challenge as a two-story building with a large “brow” in the back and rotunda, which requires a high level of skill to execute. The home’s exterior paint job featured earth tone colors which, in my experience, do not work well with a mill-grade finish. Mill-grade works very well with contemporary colors – white, black, gray, blue and green. Soon after we finished the house was painted and the results speak for themselves, yes?

Metal roof in Miami
Englert 1300 mill-grade Galvalume standing seam metal roof in Miami, Fl

Metal Roofs – Wind Resistance, Energy Efficiency & Durability

From a roofer’s perspective a metal roof in Miami is the best choice you can make for your home in terms of value, durability, wind resistance, fire rating, energy efficiency and the environment. They have proven life expectancy of up to 50 years when properly installed, and even longer with the application of maintenance coatings which are becoming more advanced all the time. Their seamed panels and hidden fastening system provide excellent resistance to thunderstorms and hurricanes. These roofs are lightweight, reducing stress on the structure, and are also fireproof with a Class A fire rating.
With a metal roof there is an insurance premium discount in your future! They are incredibly energy-efficient, Energy Star and LEED compliant, reflecting solar energy without radiating heat into the building. 99% of tile roofs and shingle roofs wind up in a landfill. Metal roof panels are 100% recyclable.Metal roof in Miami, FL

Manufacturer and Distributor Are Key

We work with the best, using Englert products on all of our metal roofing projects with East Coast Metals as the distributor. East Coast has the finest facility in South Florida for the production of metal panels and accessories. They also supply a large segment of local roof suppliers with all the metal flashings used in conventional roofing systems. Englert offers a 25-year limited warranty to go along with our own 15-year workmanship warranty.

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