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In Miami roofers do roofing and gutter companies do gutters, which requires the right equipment and an experienced crew. We have referred Watertite over twenty times without  complaint. Their crews are polite, well-equipped and professional.


Watertite Gutter Co – Reliable Pros

July 13, 2013

Well, we’ve referred our friends at Watertite Gutter Company about twenty times now without complaint. I just wanted to share some of the good work they did for us as a subcontractor on a job in Coral Gables. The client wanted to stop the waterfall the architect had created over his front door, a common problem, in the course of our replacing the clay tile roof. This is best done after the old roof is torn off but before the installation of the new tile. No problem, they made room in their schedule and did a fantastic job.

Gutter Install In Coral Gables
Watertite hard at it in Coral Gables

Roofer Mike the Client

April 8, 2017.

Been a while and we have referred several more clients and others to Watertite Gutter Company, one of the best gutter companies in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, without any negative feedback. They also recently installed gutters on our house and I am very happy with the job. They communicate very well and are reliable as far as scheduling and keepiWatertite Gutter Co at Roofer Mike's house !!!ng appointments.



Gutter Companies Best Kept Separate

As I have said, gutter companies and roofing companies generally are separate crafts. There are a few companies that do both but that is not a great measuring stick for who you should choose to do either job. The gutters are usually done once the roof is complete and there lies the problem for the roofing contractor. It creates a three-party arrangement that does not always go smoothly.

I recently completed a roof replacement for a client who absolutely insisted the gutters be included in the proposal. After some mild protestations I relented. The metal roof went smoothly but the gutters became a somewhat hectic 3-way conversation by phone, text and email. In the end the gutters were fine, as usual, and the client was satisfied. I beg you . . . I beseech you . . . if I perform an estimate for you and you mention gutters I will refer you to Watertite Gutter Company. Please call them and make arrangements to do the gutters after we’ve finished. It’s a smoother experience for everyone.

Roofer Mike Tip:

Hate your dirty gutters? I got it from my friends at Watertite that the thing to use is Krud Kutter.

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