Shingle Roof With Gable Vents

Shingle Roofs in Miami are OK if …

. . . incorporated into a well designed shingle roof system.

Shingle roofs dominate nationally but here in the Miami, Fl. area they are not an ideal system. They simply can not stand the summer heat, more specifically solar radiation. That is unless they include some specific features – a well designed ventilation system and white shingles for reflectivity.  A good ventilation system will lower temperatures in the attic and prevent the roof shingles from “cooking” as well as keep the building’s interior cooler and electric bills lower.

Shingle Roofs Can Be Efficient and Durable

Shingle Roof In Hialeah
Shingle Roof

For shingle roofs, all roofs for that matter, I always recommend white as they are most reflective. Therefore most energy efficient and durable. Darker shingles absorb the sun’s rays which speeds up the aging process  and heats up the inside of the structure. For design purposes, white roof shingles are also versatile given that white is a neutral color. They match almost any home’s color scheme.

As mentioned,  shingle roofs must also be sufficiently ventilated to be practical and durable. An effective ventilation system must first include an intake feature  at the eaves. Given that hot air rises, it should also have an exhaust mechanism near the peak. This can include turbine ventilators, power ventilators, ridge vents or gable vents. A correct system should never feature more than one of these with the exception of gable vents which can include an exhaust fan on one gable.

In the above photo the shingle roof in Hialeah features Twenty-Five Year White GAF Royal Sovereign 3-tab fiberglass roof shingles. The home was already outfitted with a continuous soffit vent so we installed four 4″ plug-in vents at each of the “bat wing” gables for outflow.

The photo below features a GAF Timberline HD dimensional shingle roof in Kendall with ridge vents, an excellent system. Shingle roofs in Miami are a practical and energy efficient alternative when these proven principles are applied.

White dimensional shingle roof in Kendall with ridge vents
White dimensional shingle roof in Kendall with ridge vents


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