Roofer Mike is among the best residential roofers Miami has to offer with over twenty-five years experience in the industry. Our re-roofs and roof repairs utilize only Miami Dade County approved materials. We strictly adhere to the Florida Building Code for High Velocity Hurricane Zones and pull permits for all work as required by the County or Municipality in jurisdiction

South Florida is famous for its beaches, night life, and tropical climate. The weather also brings intense summer sun with torrential wind and rain which constantly test Miami roofers. Area residents eventually are confronted with the decision:



The re-roof or roof repair question can depend on many factors. How old is your roof? The age may be unknown. We perform a thorough roof inspection to determine how much useful life it has left. Are there leaks? Leaks in the flashings of detail areas such as chimneys, skylights, valleys and walls are usually due to workmanship defect and can be repaired. Leaks due to material failure indicate the roof is deteriorating and repairs are less practical. The time an owner plans to stay in their home and  budget also factor into the decision.

Roof Repairs


After opting for roof repairs you’ll need qualified Miami roofers to do the work. Roofer Mike Inc is a residential roofing contractor and leak detection specialist. Expertise is only achieved with experience and we’ve developed our techniques with decades of experience in the area. Our repairs are designed to outlast the roof and we back them up with a three year warranty




When the choice is made to replace the roof,  Roofer Mike can guide you through the many roof replacement options available in the Miami roofing market. The most common residential roofing systems available are:

Fiberglass Shingle Roofs


Fiberglass shingles can be an economical option and are available in many colors, styles and price ranges with warranties ranging from 25 years to “limited lifetime”. Roofer Mike can explain the differences in shingle roof aesthetics and performance to assist in your decision.


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Tile Roofs  


Concrete and clay tile roofs are a mainstay of the local landscape. Tile selection is largely a matter of personal preference but there are performance features to consider. Roofer Mike is familiar with all the technical nuances of tile roof systems. Underlayment selection is important because it is the waterproofing component of the roof. We recommend modified bitumen, polyester mat reinforced tile underlayment for its superior durability rather than asphalt based fibered materials which is an old technology.





Metal Roofs 


For decades, metal roofs were considered too expensive and were only common in commercial roofing, Coconut Grove and the Keys. In recent years, advances in technology such as Galvalume have lowered the cost of metal roofs to compete favorably with tile roofs. Roofer Mike Inc is familiar with the evolving metal roofing industry in South Florida and offers top quality installations and warranties

 metal roof   



Flat Roofs


Flat roofs are the most challenging roof replacements from a technical standpoint. Compatibility to adjoining systems, insulation options, durability and drainage as well as budget are some variables to consider in flat roof design specifications. Roofer Mike Inc advocates APP/SBS modified bitumen membranes over the asphalt/fiberglass cap systems commonly offered. Fiberglass caps are only effective in 100% drainage, zero-ponding conditions.

Liquid Applied Roof Systems

As the cost of asphalt based roofing rises with oil prices, liquid applied roof systems such as Sealoflex become a more practical flat roof solution. Sealoflex systems create a high quality, fully bonded, monolithic, formed-in-place membrane. When the system is applied and maintained properly, the roof can have an indefinite life. Roofer Mike is a Certified Sealoflex Installer.


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