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Tile Roof Cleaning In Miami

Roof Cleaning in Miami

In Miami roof cleaning and maintenance is essential to ensure that homeowners receive full value for their roofing dollar. Roof systems, in this case tile roofs, endure a constant onslaught from Mother Nature.

Tile Roof Cleaning in MiamiRoof algae (technically a bacteria), scientifically named Gloeocapsa Magma, thrives in warm climates such as here in the South Florida area. It is that bacteria which turns roofs, and almost everything else, black over time. Roof cleaning enhances curb appeal, increases energy efficiency and prolongs the life of the tile roof underlayment.

Pressure washing  will damage a tile roof’s finish when repeated almost yearly to remove re-growth of algae and mold. Look around Miami and you will notice many roofs that have faded from being pressure-washed too much.

Roof Cleaning Expertise

Roofer Mike Inc. specializes in roof cleaning and uses an eco-friendly tile roof cleaning and sealing system that maintains the finish of the tile. The sealing process works with the sun’s ultra violet rays to prevent algae re-growth. The system also works great on shingle roofs, driveways, patios, sidewalks and brick pavers. Roofer Mike  includes a three year warranty with all  roof cleaning applications.

The home in these photos is a perfect example of the benefits of proper roof cleaning. The roof had 13” flat white roof tile which were completely black with algae stains. When a roof turns black it absorbs the sun’s rays rather than reflect them, heats up the home and requires the air conditioning system to work harder to maintain the temperature set at the thermostat.

ONE Roof Cleaning, Then Just Spray it!

Roof Cleaners in Miami, Fl

As you can see in the “after” photo, this tile roof whitened quite nicely. We sprayed the entire roof with a treatment which will last at least a few years. When the roof shows signs of algae regrowth it can be treated again and will come clean without pressure-washing, avoiding further damage to the tile’s finish.

by Michael Slattery

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